MMAP_logoMichigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP)

MMAP, Inc. is a free health-benefit counseling service, whose goal is to help you find your way through the health benefits maze.  MMAP counselors are trained in Medicare,Medicaid and other insurance products, and are available at the COA to help you:
  • Understand Medicare and Medicaid
  • Compare or enroll in Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Review your Medicare supplemental insurance needs
  • Understand Medicare health plans
  • Apply for Medicaid or a Medicare Savings Program
  • Report identity theft, Medicare and Medicaid fraud/abuse or scams
  • Explore long term care insurance options

To schedule an appointment, please stop by or call the COA at 269-948-4856.  If you live outside of Barry County, call 1-800-803-7174 to schedule an appointment.

MMAP is Michigan’s SHIP, a State Health Insurance Assistance Program, and is available to older adults and people with disabilities.  It is funded by a grant from the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging through funding received from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Medicare agency and a grant from the Administration on Aging, and is not affiliated with the insurance industry.


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The Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) provides free health-benefit counseling for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries, including younger beneficiaries with disabilities.


Since 1984, local aging providers have provided education and counseling assistance to Michigan’s Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries and their families or representatives.


Through individualized, one-on-one counseling you can receive free, confidential assistance with Medicare and Medicaid issues, such as enrollment in Medicare drug plans and other public benefit programs.


Our benefits counselors are not associated with any insurance company and therefore, provide unbiased, uncompensated assistance to help you understand your options and make informed choices.



 How can Benefits Counseling help me?


Our trained Benefits counselors are ready to assist and help you or your representatives:


  • Compare and enroll in a Medicare Part D plan
  • Apply for programs that help pay for Part D premiums, co-pays and deductibles.
  • Review Medicare Health Plan Options
  • Understand doctor and hospital bills and  Medicare Summary Notices.
  • Understand Medicare/Medicaid eligibility, coverage, claims and appeals.
  • Enroll you in a Medicare Savings Program
  • Review your Medicare supplemental (“Medigap”) insurance needs.
  • Connect you with other local resources for prescription and health services.
  • Explore long term care options.
  • Identify and report Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse.
  • Assist younger persons with a disability who  receive both Medicare and Medicaid.


If you are an out-of-county or out-of-state family member, you can work directly with a benefits counselor over the phone by calling:




(There is never a cost associated with benefits counseling services)!



Who are the counselors that provide this help? 


Benefits counselors are specialists trained in Medicare law and regulations, health insurance counseling and relevant insurance products.

Benefits counselors are not connected with any insurance company, but are very compassionate and caring volunteers. This insures that information is unbiased and objective.


Our volunteers serve as your guide through the health benefits maze that is our Medicare and Medicaid programs.



How is MMAP  funded?


Funding through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is given to MMAP, Inc. a State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). In turn, MMAP, Inc. provides grants to local agencies to provide this service. Additional funds are made available through the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging, and the Barry County Senior Millage. No funding or support is provided by insurance companies, nor is the program in any way affiliated with the insurance industry.



The MMAP Volunteer Team is looking for volunteers who have computer skills, are internet-savvy, and who have a sincere desire to help others understand their health benefits.  Training is provided in Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations.  If you are interested, call the COA at 269-948-4856 or 1-800-803-7174.

Download a Volunteer application: Click Here